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How we help agencies find new ways to engage

Agency shopper engagement

When planning activity for brands and business, Agencies understand that knowing who is the shopper is, when they buy, along with other insights such as spend, dwell time and purchasing habits are all essential to enabling the best to tailored approach for shopper engagement.

Our prime locations enable Agencies to build bespoke shopping experiences and capitalising on the opportunity with the customer. From drawing customers in with ‘traffic stop’ large visual and POS materials to personalised interactions and Hammerson Engage provides versatile venues for overall shopper engagement opportunities.

Agency opportunities

Hammerson Engage has collaborated with Agencies on numerous award-winning ideas and activations for brands, businesses and start-ups. Our extensive range of opportunities enable Agencies to offer the right combination of activity to suit the product or service being promoted and achieve the desired outcome.

Our dedicated onsite team are available to help you select the perfect opportunity for your needs.

Be inspired...

These are just a few examples of how agencies have taken advantage of the real-time engagement opportunities we can provide. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Amplify your client's brand

We have a range of opportunities to get your client's brand in front of millions of shoppers through our 61 mid-mall and external spaces across the UK and Ireland.

Promotions & experiential

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Sponsorships & events

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Car Park Opportunities

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Pop-up shops

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Third Party Media Opportunities

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Direct Media Opportunities

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Sampling & leafleting

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Location filming

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