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How we help brands bring experiences to life

We are privileged to be working with some of the world’s biggest, smallest and best-loved brands and companies to deliver over 800 “retailtainment” activities every year. In comparison with other venues or media, shopping centres have proven to be the most effective platform for brand engagement and immersive experiences, delivering immediate results.

With more brands investing in experiential campaigns in the UK, there is no doubt that many shoppers look forward to the variety and excitement a brand engagement provides.

Brand Shopper Engagement

Hammerson’s retail destinations offer a distinct advantage over any other venue space, with shopper insights providing valuable knowledge to tailor experiences that best fit the desired result. We help put brands and businesses in the best position to generate awareness, reach new audiences and grow.

Through shopper engagement, brands are able to achieve instant results, maximise return on investment, develop a closer understanding of their customer, seize market share and personalise their interactions.

Brand Opportunities

Hammerson Engage provides Brands with a range of diverse opportunities in key city centre locations.  Through the use of ambience, emotion, visuals, sound, smell and/or taste, our retail opportunities add more to a campaign than just space.

  • Experiential – branded one-off tactical live stunts designed to attract mass consumer and media attention.
  • Promotions - branded installations in the form of ‘stands’ in indoor or outdoor public spaces, attracting consumers to interact with the brand.
  • Pop-up Retail - miniature portable installations, mobile vehicles or fixed spaces used by brands to create temporary promotional stores.
  • Mall Retail – branded short term or long-term seasonal mid-mall retail kiosks or bespoke units.
  • Sponsorship - branded events taking place in indoor or outdoor locations that drive awareness and loyalty for a brand.
  • Advertising & Media – placement of branded advertisements in indoor or outdoor digital or static locations that drive awareness.
  • Unique to you – any branded concepts, innovative campaigns or new ideas.

Our dedicated onsite team are available to help you select the perfect space for your needs.

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