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Where your business happens

Helping Local Business thrive, Hammerson knows that small businesses are vital to the sustainability and growth of the local economy. Encouraging local businesses to take advantage of our many opportunities not only benefits the small business owners, but provides additional opportunities for shoppers to buy from local suppliers and be a bigger support to our neighbourhoods.

Whether your businesses is a cooperatives, a franchise, owned privately or a social enterprise run by non-profits, Hammerson Engage has a range of affordable, effective opportunities to help establish your business within the local community and keep it vibrant.   

Local shopper engagement

Hammerson understands the importance of supporting each other, working together for the greater good of each community we are a part of. Our world class retail and leisure destinations help transform cities into the best place to shop, work and live. With 280 million shoppers a year visiting our centres, local business collaboration provides our visitors with more choice, a sense of community and excitement. Like us, our local communities love to see home-grown businesses succeed.

Local opportunities

Hammerson Engage has a host of local opportunities and partners ready to help you enhance your local businesses, help you generate new leads or build local supply chains and showcase start-up businesses.

  • Experiential – one-off tactical live stunts designed to attract mass consumer and media attention for local businesses.
  • Promotions – from sampling, leafleting or branded installations in the form of ‘stands’ on our indoor or outdoor public spaces, promotions attract consumers to interact with you.
  • Pop-up Retail - miniature portable installations, mobile vehicles or fixed spaces used by businesses to create temporary promotional stores or experiential opportunities.
  • Mall Retail – branded short term or long-term seasonal mid-mall retail kiosks or bespoke units.
  • Advertising & Media – placement of local advertisements through our indoor or outdoor digital or static platforms to drive local awareness or offer discounts.
  • Unique to you – any new concepts, innovative campaigns or cool ideas.

Our dedicated onsite team are available to help you select the perfect opportunity for your needs.

Where to engage

The spaces, events and media opportunities we've selected below are perfect for your experiential or promotional activity...