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Where retail engagement happens

At Hammerson, we offer our valued retailers opportunities across various advertising and communication platforms to grow awareness and influence future shoppers. The right marketing mix has already enabled a number of our retailers to experience profitable growth and a higher return on investment.

Driving sales, taking market share and gaining social media followers are all focused on shopper engagement with retailers experimenting with pop-up shops, concept stores and roadshows using mobile vehicles to take outside of their usual retail space. With an average dwell time of 98minutes our mid-mall spaces are strategically located to take advantage of the most exciting retail destinations in the country.

Retailer shopper engagement

Our retailers understand that increase sales are not the only benefit from showcasing outside their usual retail environment, they know that there’s something special about interacting with customers first-hand, providing the opportunity to create immersive environments where ambassadors can directly influence passing consumers.

Shoppers will always want to touch, feel and experience a product in the flesh before they purchase it. Our prime locations, strategic positioning and expertise all help retailers to deliver experiences that are seamlessly integrated and complementary to their overall strategy and retail space.

Retailer opportunities

Hammerson Engage offers retailers a range of opportunities to continue to offer customers surprising and spontaneous shopping experiences.

  • Experiential – one-off tactical live stunts designed to attract mass consumer and media/social engagement and attention.
  • Pop-up Retail - miniature portable installations, mobile vehicles or additional fixed spaces used to launch products, offer limited editions or test the market-place.
  • Promotions - branded installations in the form of ‘stands’ on our indoor or outdoor public spaces, attracting consumers to interact with products and services.
  • Sponsorship - branded events, seating, valet, parking and more taking place in indoor or outdoor locations that drive awareness and loyalty for a retailer.
  • Advertising & Media – placement of advertisements across our indoor or outdoor digital or static locations to drive awareness or offer discounts.
  • Unique to you – any concepts, innovative campaigns or new ideas, let’s collaborate.
  • Other – from filming to providing branded/bespoke rest areas, seasonal events.
  • Christmas Grottos – the opportunities for retailers are endless.

Our dedicated onsite team are available to help retailers select the perfect solution to achieve the primary objectives.

Where to engage

The spaces, events and media opportunities we've selected below are perfect for your experiential or promotional activity...