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Hammerson’s award-winning retail destinations provide the perfect place and space for every brand or business to engage with real-time customers.

Shopper Engagement is an important part of any business strategy. With today’s consumer trusting reviews over persuasive messages, reacting to digital over traditional media and researching online before purchasing, businesses and brands are pushed to try harder to cut through the noise.

An average shopper will use a combination of channels (mobile, social, web, store) so actively engaging shoppers with relevant messages, that add more meaning to the way they experience the brand is important.  At Hammerson, our retail destinations attract over 280 million customers per year and our engaging opportunities will help put your messages, products and ideas in front of real-time customers.


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Portable appliances - please specify the method and frequency of testing for electrical items within their risk assessment. Testing must be appropriate to the electrical supply, British Standard (e.g. BS7671:2008) and supporting PAT certificates must be provided. 

Fixed wiring - permanent wiring must be tested by our electrician at point of installation and any resulting action recorded on the Activity Checklist. Thereafter, the wiring should be tested annually and the records collected.