Where brand awareness happens

Brand awareness remains a prevalent choice tactic for consumers inexperienced in buying a product or service. Building brand awareness can increase market share in a number of ways. At Hammerson Engage, we can help bring your brand or business to the forefront of consumers’ minds when it’s time to make a decision to purchase.

With 280 million visitors every year, our retail destinations offer a number of opportunities that enable brands and business to not only raise brand awareness but also increase brand loyalty often resulting in instant reactions from sales to recommendations.

  • Experiential – one-off tactical live stunts designed to attract mass consumer and media attention.
  • Promotions - branded installations in the form of ‘stands’ in indoor or outdoor public spaces, attracting consumers to interact with the brand.
  • Pop-up Retail - miniature portable installations, mobile vehicles or fixed spaces used by brands or businesses to create temporary promotional stores or experiential opportunities.
  • Mall Retail – branded short term or long-term seasonal mid-mall retail kiosks or bespoke units.
  • Sponsorship - branded events taking place in indoor or outdoor locations that drive awareness and loyalty for a brand.
  • Advertising & Media – placement of branded advertisements through our indoor or outdoor digital or static locations to drive awareness or offer discounts.
  • Unique to you – any branded concepts, innovative campaigns or new ideas
  • Other - from filming to providing branded/bespoke rest areas, seasonal events, Christmas Grottos – the opportunities for brand awareness are endless.

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Risk Assessments must be written by the company responsible for the activity. The risk assessment needs to cover set up, customer interface and de-rig. A risk assessment provided for installation is fine, but often the greater risk is what takes place when visitors walk through the doors. Risk assessments should be specific to the activity and to your centre; generic risk assessments or blanket health and safety policies can never be comprehensive.



Espace St Quentin

Espace St Quentin is a shopping village in the heart of the city and combines a department store concept with an outdoor leisure area and restaurants offering a delightful shopping experience.


Les 3 Fontaines

Les 3 Fontaines is a leading urban regional shopping centre. It is located in the centre of Cergy and is the main shopping destination for the Val d’Oise.